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There will always be a need for property to rent in the private sector, especially as most Local Authorities have very limited stock available. We always have a constant stream of customers looking for properties to rent here in Rugby so property investment is still a good choice

That’s all very well but most first time investors tell us it is a bit scary wondering if it’s the right thing to do. Firstly we would advise that they use a qualified Letting Agent because like all investments where money can be made there are risks – but we can take several steps to at least prevent the pitfalls and this comes after years of experience

Of course all Landlords want a good service from their Letting Agent but what does that really mean?

  • That all prospective tenants are thoroughly checked to prove suitability
  • That their properties are occupied all the time – this should be achievable if the rent is set at current market rates and the property is in good order
  • That they receive regular rental payments in full and on time together with a statement of account for their own records
  • That their properties are regularly visited and well maintained
  • That the Letting Agent offers a 24 hour service in the case of emergencies and that they use fully qualified tradesmen with public liability insurance
  • That they have no hassle with tenants and can get on with their own busy lives
  • That they are complying with all laws relating to being a landlord and renting property
  • That they have total peace of mind that their asset/investment is in very safe hands. It could in future be a pension – or perhaps pay for a child’s education.

Our services are based on these needs and our fees remain highly competitive.

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