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Tips for Landlords

Tips for Landlords

Most investors choose property because the returns are high and there is satisfaction in providing quality living for people.

But the key to quality and long term happy tenants boils down to regular maintenance of the property which is not paid for by tenants – in fact tenants are only liable to replace light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries. Tenants living in well maintained homes always keep them that way often making improvements (with consent) at their own expense.

There are a few tips worth knowing:

  • Between tenancies, local Landlords should check their properties with us so we can discuss whether any maintenance needs doing before the next tenancy. For Landlords further afield we can make recommendations and obtain quotes from our pool of fully qualified tradesmen all of whom have public liability insurance
  • Within reason, try to give consent where possible to tenants’ requests such as asking to decorate in neutral colours at their expense, or to change blinds to curtains
  • Always try to instruct remedial maintenance as soon as possible; for example when your tenants are without heating in the winter or a shower in the summer.

We are here to advise you and offer you the best service we can – we always have your best interests at heart.

In summary be a fair and reasonable Landlord and you will have fair, reasonable and longer-term tenants.

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